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royalty eatS STORY


Royalty Eats was born out of a love of cooking, baking, and community.  Owner Nakesha White wanted to serve Soul Food with a dynamic twist.  Her goal was to be in, of and for the community that she lived in.  White began catering when she moved to Georgia to take care of her mother.  When word spread that she was cooking, the orders rolled in.


The Bakery and catering service opened in February of 2017.  White came up with the idea of creating a restaurant while attending a cooking boot camp led by Antwon Brinson of Culinary Concepts.  The restaurant opened in May of 2019, with the goal of serving The Best Soul Food in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Nakesha chose to open Royalty Eats on Cherry Avenue because she wanted her clients to feel like family.  Having grown up in the city, she had a strong desire to serve  the people in the community and became a hub for the neighborhood.  The Royalty Brand has since expanded to also include the Royalty Event Center.   Try Royalty for all of your Soul Food, Baking, and Event Center needs. 

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